Another benefit with Class D Audio

I just yesterday completed converting one of my Class D Audio CDA 254 amps to three-channel, through installing another CDA 254 amp module and an additional RCA input, and positive and negative speaker terminals for the single channel.

The transformer and power supply provide plenty of power for the additional channel, and the power supply board comes with additional terminals for wiring the extra amp module.

At 500 Watts into 8 ohms, my KEF Reference 100 center channel has never sounded better ( you ought to hear how a baseball sounds coming off the bat of Nelson Cruz!)

This modification was $194, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Not only do I have my other CDA 254 back for use on my Tannoy front speakers, I am able to get back to using my great SET 300B for special occasions.

As stated in other threads, I am not a shill for Class D Audio, just a very happy customer.

Best regards,
Hi Dan. You have created your own multimedia paradise! Modding equipment for the particular job that piece of gear needs to do. Your class D amps sound like a worth while investment yielding much pleasure. Great fun.
Hi Jet, thanks. I was wondering how your power cord project with the Belden wire turned out, and what it sounds like in your application.

Dan, the Belden wire arrived a few days ago. Once I'm through futzing around with my 300b power supply I'll build and install them. Looking forward to it. Thanks-jet