Another band to snub your noses at

What can I say? In the world of music there is so much to like and dislike.

Another old favourite of mine: Pavlov's Dog, Pampered Menial. Underrated, IMO.


Do you mean simply to "snub" or to "thumb your noses at"?
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I saw them open for Journey and Blue Oyster Cult at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.
This was a free concert on a unusually hot day in May of, I believe, 1975.
I'm assuming you saw the "original pre-pop" Journey if it was 1975... a favorite tune and underrated album was their "Look into the Future". I would have liked to have heard that performed.
Jab, you can find Pavlov Dog cds at Collectors Choice Music, I like the band, the vocals can get on my nerves at times.

I have found that the vinyl recording does not sound as shrill and tiring as the CD. I have Pampered Menial in both formats.

I was given to understand that Pavlov's Dog used the old Jefferson Airplane as their model for vocals. They do sound eerily similar.

To Jab, search eBay, you will find local and overseas availability of the band's material.

I have just bought their third and final album, the official release from a German seller.


Jan, I didn't mean to say the vocals on the cd, I meant the vocalist himself. High pitched and whiney sounding at times, he is an aquired taste.