Another Audio website asked the question how much money did you spend on your turntable

I was surprised when the average amount spent was only 500.00. I would suspect the figure here would be much higher. I am guessing an average of about 1500.00 to 2000.


It all depends on the website and who frequents it. 

I think your assessment is more correct, at least here at Audiogon and other true HiFi sites that take two channel music seriously. 

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This is the high end audio site. Not the spend the same amount as others one.

My Linn turntable cost about $500.  In 1987.

It sure seemed to be on that site. Last time I looked that had over 70 posts about it.
At best, that poll gives one a median (somewhere in the $500-$1,000 range) and not an average.  The highest price bracket for the survey is $10,000+ and there is no way to give proper weight to a table that is much higher than $10,000.  It is also totally not clear what was being surveyed--only the table or the combination of the table plus arm, or table plus arm plus cartridge, etc.  What is also interesting about the individual postings is that the people actually commenting and saying what they have are those who are proud of how little they have spent, not those showing off how much they spent.
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I have noticed when people talk about audio equipment they like to either brag about how little they spent or how much they spent. 

Being average ain't much to brag about now is it?
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"Whow your such expert how old are you 20 maybe."

That should be "you're" & you omitted "an'" & a question mark. 

By the way, he's 19 & I'm 19.5.
why that's a reasonable monthly vinyl expenditure! :)

As much as your wife will allow :)