Anodized arm wand

I am about to purchase an arm and I have a choice of either anodized version or not. From what I am seeing the anodized version costs $30-40 more. Does it in any way reflect the sonics side of things or just the color scheme/preferences etc... In my system the non-anodized version will look closer to what I have but if the sonics differ I will think again.
Thank you
Anodized will not discolor, where the ordinarry aluminum one can start getting dull and mottled if you are not careful.
The anodized one will also have a somewhat harder surface, as if it was wrapped with another material, which will alter the resonances slightly, probably lessening them.

If you tend to hold your arm by the tube when placing in use, get the anodized, also if you change carts a lot.
If you install a cart and leave it for years, and use a fingerlift. Then either one.
Thanks, Liz, I gather then I should not be concerned with sonics too much.
Good 'cause I like silver one better :)
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