Annie Lennox fans

Any body like a particular good sounding Annie Lennox or Eurythmics Album,CD, SACD, etc.?
I like the sound of MEDUSA. This CD is a USA pressing from Arista #7431-25717-2, stamped with a "Mfd. for BMG #D103676", at their Indianapolis plant.

This appears to be a nothing special pressing, and I don't have any of her other material to compare this CD's fidelity with, but it does sound quite good!
try BARE. Ms. Lennox begins to show her star power here. wonderful composition, terrrific performance with heart, and quite meaningful lyrics.
"Medusa" is great, start to finish. I saw Annie Lennox when she opened for Sting last year. She had the crowd on thier feet for most of her set. Her brief appearance with Sting during his set was the highlight of his set. She most definitely stole the show.
...a second vote for "Bare". A super CD with headphones!
Thanks for the suggestions.
I was in Barnes & Noble last night and it appears the entire Eurythmics back catalog has been re-released, remastered and with tracks added to every title. Has anyone listened to these? How's the quality?