Anne Murray

Just wondering if I'm the only one on this forum who really likes Anne Murray's records.  I know, have at me.  Still, I love them, all of them.  
Nope not alone. I remember her stuff being played on the radio when I was a kid. Still like many of her tracks, especially "You needed me". 
Yes! your the only one ...and your in luck because theres a lot of them at the used record stores:-)
Yep, I'm pretty sure you're the only one. Well, you and Maxboy00. Unless Maxboy00 is really just you posting via a second account, you know, to cover up your indiscretion.

Don't worry. It's OK. Lots of us listen to lame music. But not Anne Murray. Just saying'......
I hope so.
Sorry--jut kidding

My gay sister told me years ago that she had a big following among gay women, although I 'm pretty sure that she's straight.

She does have a nice mellow voice.

@rpeluso - I hope you got that I was just joking in my original response. You are welcome to listen to anything you like and enjoy any kind of music you want. Who are we to judge? Heck, I'm not even familiar with Anne Murray, except I recall she has some hits many years ago.

Go enjoy your Anne Murray and I'll go listen to my "Ned's Atomic Dustbin"........
Hi reubent,

No worries, none at all, thank you thinking I might have been offended or whatever, but nope, i sort-of set myself up for some ribbing!  Someone once said "there's no accounting for taste", and I am comfortable in mine.  By the way, I also love old Bee Gee songs, probably most especially First of May and Holiday.  



ps-Ned's, that was Johnny Rotten's band after the sex pistols, right?

Nope, no Johnny Rotten in Ned's Atomic Dustbin. I think they formed around 1989 in the UK. Group of teenage college kids that made the (semi) big time.....
Right, I was mixing it up with public image limited.