Anne Bisson Blue Mind LP, is it all that we think?

Last night I had the Anne Bisson LP...'Blue Mind', on the platter. I have heard this piece on numerous occasions...the song 'September in Montreal' is played a LOT at shows and dealer's. On my system, I was immediately struck by how 'Digital' the piano sounded. There was clearly a slightly hard 'digital' overlay that was evident on all the tracks. To add to that, I thought the drumming was recorded a little 'remotely'...meaning in another section of the studio ( separate booth) to the rest of the band and like so many recent recordings, stitched together in the studio. While I like the LP, it wasn't anywhere near as impressive to me as the previous recording that I had on the platter....the 1958...YES- 1958! recording of 'Witches Brew' with Alex Gibson leading the New Symphony Orch of London on the shaded dog label...LSC 2225. Now on my system, this was truly a reference recording...the Anne Bisson recording....NOT so much. Kind of goes to show how much they knew about recording back in the day.
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OMG, audiophile recordings. What drivel. If they play it at audiophile shows its typically crap. Why own a great system and not play great music? Pathetic is what it is.
I got her to autograph my copy. I actual bought the album for the music. Nice light jazz like Claire Martin. As she is Canadian, Ms Bisson is at TAVES, the Toronto audio show each year. I will get her other LP this year. Her stuff is often payed in the rooms run by the big Canadian hi fi companies like Moon, Oracle, Bryston, Totem etc.