Any one hear or know the difference between Audio Note of JAPAN S/C SPZ and Audio Note of UK S/C SPx?
I have all Audio Note of UK gear.

There is no doubt that the kondo ksl spz is much more organic,natural,fluid,open and musical than everything ever made by audio note uk!
Well, one of my friends owns a Kondo KSL SF-z and had an Audio Note S2 (I think, that's the name from it) for a comparison. He told me, the difference was huge to his ears ( SF-z)
I will answer my own quetion.

Having both Kondo KSL LP AND AN UK Sogon I can say both have the same family sound. The Kondo is not as aggressive and out going as it's charactor sound is more mellow and smooth sounding.

The Sogon is like a live wire that has some bite and sting to it. To say the one is far better than the other is foolish and sounds like they never really did a A/B compairison. Hard feelings I would say as the Past is in the past if you know what I mean.
Glory...I've not done a "direct" comparison but have heard both in 2 very similar systems. The Kondo always sounded just more musical, you would forget about the equipment altogether. The ANUK Sogon sounded (and this with all ANJ equipment...kind of stange this fellow used all Japan gear and a few AN UK wires) hi-fi, still very good but you would try and disect the music, never just relax and forget and enjoy. Just my 2 cents worth though.