Ani Difranco

I'm hooked. Got an album on a recommendation: Up Up it. Ani others? thanks in advance...warren :)
A while back there was a thread "Sexiest female voice?" I listed Ani. Her voice really gets me. Of the five Ani Difranco cds I own, Up Up Up is my favorite, also the first one I bought. Try "To the Teeth," it's a close second for me. The sonics on all of her cds (that I own) are first rate.
If you're interested in exploring the family tree, Ani's bassist and musical arranger, Todd Sickafoose, has released two jazz recordings that are phenomenal, IMO. Last year's "Blood Orange" is my favorite CD from the past year.
"Dilate" and "Out of Range". Earlier stuff. The first more personal, the latter more political. Pretty excellent. Check out "Untouchable Face"
..."the family tree.." does she have a sister? thanks, I'll check Sickafoose out...BTW, did some Google homework...looks like she has about a dozen albums...very prolific and diverse..this should be fun.
I'll check Sickafoose out...
It might take a few listens, as it's deceptively simple, IMO. Should sound great on your system, as the production has that energized, live feel to it.
I like her voice and her music for the most part. Several of her albums sound fantastic.. It's the politcal babble I could do without..

Voice, music and politics. I dig them all, especially her politics.
Check out Dan Bern's cd titled "Fifty Eggs" which Ani produced. It's a riot with a nod to Ani Difranco in the song "Chick Singers." Probably pick it up on for little $.
I'll second Dilate. I also like Knuckle Down (2005) and Living In Clip (a live album).

She does several versions of Amazing Grace which are worth a listen or two. One is on Dilate and another on Living In Clip. Both versions are nicely irreverent. Ani has always done her own thing, and has kept her music away from the influences of producers by having her own label (Righteous Babe).

Although I like much of what she has produced, I have to be in the mood for her music. Thinking about it, I'm more apt to listen to her when I'm pissed off about something.

I saw her at the New Orleans Jazzfest a few weeks ago. A great live act...terrific energy. She's almost more poet than songwriter and really lays herself bare in her lyrics. Very powerful and moving to hear live. Her band, including Mr. Sickafoose (what kind of name is that?), was killer.
Hey, Ms. Difranco leaves me feeling rather sickafoose any time I happen to have the misfortune of hearing her...TEHO! ;^)
don't have upupup but i do have

educated guess
revealing/reckoning (double album)
knuckle down

all of which are coming with me if i ever get
sent to a desert island

she also presents the discs very well, they all are packaged
in cardboard fold-out cases with booklets of her artwork
i think she has been up for and won grammys for packaging
My favorites are her live album "living in a clip" and "little plastic castle"

With a good system, the sound of living in a clip is scary-good.

my $.02
I heard her "live" at the Tennessee Theater in Knoxville. Fantastic show. However, the men's restroom was full of women. I had to go back outside to make sure I was in the right one. Once I confirmed I was in the right one, I figured I didn't mind if they didn't. They didn't. Highly recommended, especially "live".
nice to see miss defranco geting some mention on these pages.

i have maybe 8 or 9 of her albums. apart form up up up up which i rate highly, i think my favourite is revelling/reckoning.

all her albums really are are sonically impressive.


I think the best way to buy Ani CDs is at random, one or two at a time. They can't all be favorites, but everything she does is worthwhile. Take a chance, pick one up without auditioning it first!
I have got them all. Dilate is one of the best. I think she is one of the greatest American /singer/songwriter/poets/musicians around. I have seen here 5 different time and every time was full of energy.

I once saw an interview with her and it became clear why she is not in demand for interviews or keeps her life private. For someone as articulate as her in her songs, she could barely keep a sentence together in the interview. And she is not dummy. After she felt shafted by the record industry she started her own label. Very smart girl.

I like very very much and I am a male, 43 year old republican lawyer. Go figure.

Maybe your DNA is is one angry gal, but I love it. Very passionate. I have Dilate. Best? Don't know. She is quite a prolific writer. 16 albums I believe. Pays to have your own record label...
Good stuff but you need to be in the right mood-And is she ever INtense.
Still the world needs people with her conviction.
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