Angstrom 200 preamp

I just bought an Angstrom 200 Home Entertainment Director for use as a stereo preamp which has controls that I've not encountered in my 50+ years in this hobby.  Ive searched the internet for an owner manual and discussed the issue with others generally more knowledgeable but still have questions.  There is a master volume control which seems pretty straightforward in that it would presumably be the same as a control simply marked as "volume" but also includes 2 led's which indicate max and min settings and which remain unlit with settings in between these extremes.  It also, though, has an input level control with 3 settings, -3, -6 and max dB which I have no idea how to use. I did come across one review by someone who also had no manual who said that he used setting levels just below where clipping occurs but that idea makes me nervous. Anyway, I'm asking for some guidance. 

How i I got here is this; I was using a Cary Rocket 88 to and old Theta Dac to Serie Reference 3a MMC speakers but bought back my pair of ML Ethos speakers along with an Ayer V3 amp and am very satisfied with the sound. In a trade I also acquired this Angstrom 200 preamp which I tried in my garage setup (old Russian tube amp and B&W CDM speakers). I'm not very good at discerning subtle changes but the crystal clarity of the resulting addition was incredible.  This test was done using analog signal from a laptop compared with digital out through the Dragonfly DAC. 

Follow up on the Angstrom. Ok, I figured everything out and it is now in my main system. The setup is as follows. Shanling CD100, Angstrom pre, Ayre V3 amp to Martin Logan Ethos speakers. I'm quite satisfied with the sound but I have no remote control of the preamp which, except for volume control is no big problem. As much as I like the Angstrom (crisp and crystal clarity abounds) I will have to replace it if I'm unable to locate a remote so am asking for suggestions. 
I would take the Angstrom off your hands, please contact me, I've been looking for one to replace mine. 
Apie, I hadn't looked at my correspondence for a while and just came across your post. I'm in the process of reevaluating what I'm going to do about my preamp situation so am not yet ready to let this very competent piece go. I will let you know if I do. Thanks for your offer. 

Thanks anyway, Apie. I found a remote controller and now am not willing to part with it. If you use one, I'm sure you understand. 

@jimbreit if you are still looking for an owners manual for the Director 200 send me a pm. 

Also ,does anyone know the model #s of the DAC chips used in the Director 200?
Hi there. New member here. I recently acquired the Angstrom 200 for use as a preamp. I could sure use the owner's manual if you have it. My email is [email protected]