Anedio d1 vs benchmark dac?

As I'm retooling my soundsystem I'm faced with a dac decision and would love your help!

I'm looking for a <$1.5k dac used ( or no rarity) or new.
I will connect it to an lfd integrated amp and spendor s8e.
I don't care for USB input ad it will be connected to a sonos system.
I want a built-in headphone amp as the lfd has no headphone out.
most of my listening is classical, jazz, blues, live recordings.
My shortlist so far includes:
1. Benchmark dac1 ( my default, can easily be had for around $650 used)
2. Anedio d1 - ess chip,but very few reviews and 2x price, rivals w4s dac1 but with headphone amp)
3. lavry da10- tough to find used. Prefer anedio features for same price

Mf is out.

Thank you for your help!!
I have not heaard of the Anedio DAC but the W4S seems to be a reasonably popular option right now. If you can stretch it a bit, the Bryston DAC also seems to be quite well regarded.

I am a former Benchmark and current Lavry DA10 owner I would suggest that the Lavry is a bit more fun to listen to. Probably a touch more dark sounding but overall it is very easy to live with. Not quite as razor sharp and more fluidity would be the best way to describe it. More organic I guess you could say as well.
Just read the Burson 160D review over at 6moons. This appears to be another you might consider.
Thank you for the feedback. I have narrowed my options down to the benchmark dac1 (possibly moving up to the USB or pre version) and the w4s dac1 or dac2.

From what I have read the benchmark is more analytical, transparent and accurate whereas the w4s seems to be more musical.

Given my lfd integrated amp and spender s8e, which one would be the best fit? Is my amp/ speaker configuration considered analytical too and therefore best offset by the w4s, or is it known to be warmer and thus better suited for the benchmark?

FYI, I'm considering going with chord odyssey speaker cables.