Andy Summers

Searching forum threads, I was surprised how little discussion of Andy Summers there has been. I’ve been listening to and enjoying his recent release, Metal Dog. It’s instrumental...a bit experimental (he calls it, "avant garde") but definitely accessible. Very good sonics. An interesting interview about that recording at the link here,

Andy Summers’ post-Police, (largely solo) work including collaborations with Robert Fripp and a few others is well worth exploring. The compositions, as in Metal Dog, bear repeated listening, he generally takes a fresh, original approach (consider the Mingus and Monk tributes), the musicianship and sound quality are, almost without exception, excellent. Album to album there is great variety as he explores a number of different musical genre and styles.

Personal favorites: The Golden Wire, First You Build a Cloud, Mysterious Barricades, Last Dance of Mr. X, Green Chimneys and now, Metal Dog.

Spotify has much of his catalog if you are interested in exploring. Hope you will be.
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Thanks! for sharing- ghosthouse.

I will give it a listen.

Great, Jafant.  Hope you like Metal Dog.  BUT if you don't....don't give up on AS.  He has worked in so many different styles...ambient, "classic" jazz, fusion, and whatever you want to call Metal Dog.  Listening right now to his Mingus tribute album, Peggy's Blue Skylight.  This one took a while for me to catch on to.  I have a feeling you will appreciate track 10 based on your enjoyment of Pharaoh Sanders.  If inclined, do post your thoughts about this or any of Summers' music.  I'll be very interested in your opinion.  
I missed much of his post-Police work, but caught up with the Circa Zero/Circus Hero(2014) LP.  He's still going strong. 
AS skills and talent are way beyond Police. His solo career is much more interesting, but perhaps not as much money.
A fantastic talent for sure. Happy Listening!