Andy Chongs retipping service Bellvue Wa

I talked to Andy last week and he seemed like a nice guy but I haven't heard much about his work. I did talk to Soundsmith
a couple of weeks ago and there telling me it takes 3 months
to get back at cartridge from them. They also want to charge me 115.00 more than Andy. I'm not looking for the cheapest deal. I want the best work in a timely manner. Andy's telling me a 3 week turnaround. Before I send him my 1500.00 cartridge I would like to hear some comments about him pro or con.
Andy did a great job fixing the sagging suspension on my Shelter 901. He has also re-tipped (stylus replacement only) two Koetsu cartridges for a friend who was happy with his work. Highly recommended.
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Try sending a message to A'gon member Viridian. He has suggested Andy's work very recently and I believe has had a few carts re-tipped by him. I've PMed Viridian in the past and he has always been helpful and receptive to various questions tube wise or turntable wise.
Check the Audiogon thread titled "Retipping Service"
I'm going to send Andy a cartridge for re-tipping today will report back how he does with it.

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That will be great, I'm thinking of doing the same thing.

I just sent Andy a Shure V15VMR. I can't wait to get it back and give it a twirl.

I just received my stylus's back, 7/8/2013. Fast service, great prices and I'm very happy with the results.

Anyone know if Andy does cantilever replacement with something like a ruby, like Soundsmith?
I just sent off a Benz Micro Ruby 3H OA to Andy on the recommendations both here and other audio websites to straighten a misaligned cantilever and replace the suspension if needed. He quoted me a two week turn around time and a damn good price for the service!

A Google Map search of his shipping address shows a home in a residential area. I wonder if he works out of his home?
Got my Ortofon MC70 back from Andy with a 2 week turnaround time. He replaced the suspension and hyper cleaned the FG70 stylus. I'm very pleased with the results Andy get's my highest recommendation.

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RE"07-12-13: Tonyptony
Anyone know if Andy does cantilever replacement with something like a ruby, like Soundsmith?"


It's best to email him for an answer to your particular situation.