Android Tablets - Plausible to use asMusic Server?

I have been contemplating purchasing a tablet recently but have not seen much discussion about using one as a music server. I know next to nothing about these things (both regarding purchasing a tablet and also about setting up a music server). I would be curious for those in the know to weigh in with opinions about whether this a viable option in setting up a PC based sound system. I assuming that I am asking, in a way, for an alternative to the Mac Mini. Am I on the right track? I have been eyeing the Sqeezebox Touch but am wondering if the tablets a viable alternative?

Tablets can serve as a controller but generally lack sufficient storage capacity to be the server. Same for the SBT.

Not yet, IMO they're not powerful enough.

I do use one as a remote for J. River. And they're great for playing Angry Birds. :D
Why not get a Macbook? They'd have all you need for a competent server, are almost as portable as tablets, and far more versatile. I don't really understand the appeal of tablets - they're like oversized iphones - great when you're talking about a phone, but not very impressive when you compare it to a laptop.
Places like Best Buy regularly have notebooks that have a dual core processor, windows 7, 3gb ram and 320gb hard drive for $350 or less... Add JRivers or Foobar 2000 as a server program, download wasapi for output and you are set for a great and inexpensive server ready for your DAC.
avoid android for music playback...hw/sw just isn't that good. Stick to MAC/ Palm OS/ Windows.
4.1 jelly bean supports USB audio. You could stream from a nas to get around storage limitations.

I don't think this is an ideal arrangement but if you are not looking to buy something dedicated to audio you could certainly make it work.
Question is, what formats does Jelly Bean USB audio support? The Asus Transformer tablet pf300 is a Quad Core 1.6khz processor with 1gb ram and 8gb memory with a 32gb microSDCH card. Perfect for a music server.
2nd question is what is the best driod music playback app. I use MusicPro on my Samsung Galaxy S3 cellphone. Its amazing but only plays back flac files