Android device connecting to DAC

Has anyone had success connecting an Android device to DAC via Toslink? I've tried 4 different TV boxes now and have had problems with them all. There are options in the Android 'digital output' menu for SPDIF and PCM, I've not had luck with either. I've tried the DAC on Internal, and Toslink sync.
All devices seem to work sometimes, but not reliably. The DAC might connect (48kHz) but if you restart it, it doesn't connect again, or sometimes it will just drop out randomly.

Devices i've tried: T95Z+, Wetek Play 2, Minix U1, MXIII-G 
DAC is Weiss DAC202

This is primarily an audio setup (Sonos) but I want to be able to hook up to the projector and access my Plex server, and on demand video. I have no preamp so at the moment the only stable solution is to use the analog out from the TV box into the Sonos line-in, which means the signal goes through the cheap TV Box DAC, the Sonos, and the it's not great.

Any help appreciated.
I did this with my previous Samsung Galaxy and a little UFO DAC. Worked great.
My solution:  Use an OTG cable (on the go) which should run you about $10.  This will plug into the mini port on your Android.  The other end is USB.  I currently use a Music Fidelity V-Link to convert the signal to either Coax or Toslink.  From there, you hook it into any DAC you please.   The MF can be had very inexpensively these days.  The other option is to get a small USB compatible DAC and eliminate the need for the vlink altogether.