Andra Egglestonworks vs Verity Parsifal

Which one is better between this two speakers, in terms
of musicality, transparency, bass, the reason why I am
asking, Iam thinking of buying the Parsifal, ans sell
my Andra.I heard the fidelio, and I am very impress.Thanks
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Have you thought about upgrading your speakers to Andra IIs? Check here.

I am familiar with the Andra, it is an excellent speaker with about the best midrange anywhere, treble that is as good as any and a surprising ability to reproduce height. The II is superior in every way and now that it has terrific bass too, I would say it is one of the best, period.

There are so many variables that the only way to compare speakers is to have them both in your own system. For example, I have listened to Vandersteen 5s in two dealerships, one sounded great and the other terrible.
Vladimir,I used to have plan to upgrade my Andra to
Andra II, but I think I might sell them.I am not
totally convince at this time,that its worth the
upgrade plus maybe its just me, I dont like the
shape of Andra II.
Looks are very important. If you don't like the way something looks then your always going to be searching for something better. Not because of sound, because at this hobby when you reach a certain point the difference's are minor and more to the point, personal. Looks mean alot!!! It's YOUR system! It's Your room! It's YOUR money! Trust your ears and follow your heart go for what makes you happy! Peace and Good Listening, Pat.