Anderson East - check this guy's CD out - Delila

.......great music by this guy. Would be interested if anybody has any thoughts on this performer. Thanks  
I had his Devil In Me track in my library from a Paste Sampler (#180). The first thing that hit me was how his voice evoked Chris Stapleton. But as I listened to the tracks on Delilah, I felt I was back in the 60s-70s listening to a Stax or Fame release. Throwback arrangements with the backup singers and horns but still original. Blue-eyed soul a la Otis Redding. 

What's with the water in Alabama? There's so many really, really great singer/songwriters coming out of here. 

Hey, thanks for the heads up on this guy. He's in the Hank Williams -new biopic coming out soon,  Jason Isbell, Alabama Shakes, and Waxahatchie rotation. Heavy rotation.