And then there was music...

My brother has a remote interest in this hobby. He is always curious when new gear arrives in my system and frequently brings in CDs to hear. He has a modest HT set up but is skeptical of "high-end" gear. I get the usual comment that I'm sure you have all heard before, "Sounds good but it costs how much?" People seem to have no problem spending $3-4k on a TV (like my brother), but spend that on an amp or speakers and watch them faint!? Another topic another time perhaps.

I have been offering to loan him an old pair of speakers (NHT SuperTwos) and amp (McCormack DNA 1 Deluxe) that I am no longer using for a while. I did not make any boastfull claims of sonic nirvana with this stuff. I only said I would like him to try it in his own HT system (Marantz HT receiver, Paradigm center, surrounds, and sub with..gasp..Bose L&Rs) under his own terms.

Well this weekend he finally called me over to set it all up. We did the speaker swap first. The smile on his face came only seconds into the first track. After a couple more A-B comparisons I then put in the amp using his receiver as the processor. The difference so much better, almost laughably so, I had to try hard not to jump up and down and yell I told you so.

The rest of the night was spent comparing recording after recording, always with the same results. When I left his only question was when does he have to return the gear to me. I'll think about that one, for now I'm satisifed knowing that I just converted a skeptic into an believer.

I know many of you have done the same, so let's hear the stories!

This weekend I took my old amp (McCormack DNA 1 Deluxe) and some old speakers (NHT Super2s) to my brothers to demonstrate the
what is it about bose that lures people in like a hungry trout? my brother also has them stupid little bose cube speakers,the freakin magnet on my woofer weighs more than his whole system,he says im nuts for spending so much cash on mcintosh gear,god i wish i had bought stock in bose 20yrs ago.
My brother wants to convert his NAD3020, Thorens TT, and B&W 302's to a HT set up. I'm beside myself to say the least