And the winner is... (tube rolling)

Ok it's tube time again. Really I need some feedback from you old tube heads. I'm still learning and I still have a long way too go so here it is: Best sonics on EL34's,12au7's.12ax7's, and 6dj8/6922's. My rig: Anthem Amp1,AR LS7, Sonicfrontiers SFD-1mk-2. I have tried amperex(6dj8)tele(12ax7),siemans(12au7),valvo(6922). EL's (svetlana), and (electroharmonix)There is also a site(tubeworld)that changes everything on the sonics of tubes.This adds to my newbie woes. Any help for me or is a straight jacket in order. Thanks in advance, Bret BTW I listen to acoustic jazz and have other tubes in my arsenal(jan-phillips 6922, sovtek 6922, national 6922 even some JJtelsa's EL's) Whew I've busy rolling.
Your small signal tube brands all sound excellent, as long as you got the real ones. Play with them and see which ones you like best, they each have certain characteristics in your equipment that you no doubt have noticed. Albert is the expert on E34s, but my suggestion would be NOS Mullards, from the reports I've gotten they're among the best.
Start to learn to recognize the construction of the tubes, esp the NOS fo the ones that you like, National has not made any small-9-pin- tubes in about ~25+ years; you may find other lables that are not original, but by learning the construction, you can identify it.
good luck.
I thank you gentleman for the great info. I probably do have some counterfeit bottles in my mix. Lack of experience no doubt. Stay tuned! Bret
Richardson Electric from Korea is the biggest culprut when it comes to counterfiet tubes check out there web site and find out for yourself. They will brand any tube they make with any label you like as long as you buy enough and even [ for a price ] never let anyone duplicate that label except you!!! How's That