And the winner is ... : Preamp vs. Preamp

Has anyone compared the Aesthetix Calypso and Lamm LL2 Deluxe? Impressions?
Tough choice man !

It depends with the amplifier and the speakers matching, give extra info please.
Kharma speakers. I am not sure about the amp yet.
I've listened to the Calypso, and it's quite refined. I'm sure the Lamm is an excellent unit, but synergistic matching is important.

Speakers, amp, cabling, etc, and the room plays a bigger part in the scheme of things. IMHO, I feel that type of music most listened, too - plays into it as well.
Miked510, I appreciate your insightful comments. I recognize that all of the factors you mention play an important role in component selection. And, I recognize that the matching of components is key.

What I am looking for though is an apple to apple comparison, with everything else being equal, between the Calypso and the Lamm LL2 Deluxe. Naturally, if a comparison is made in two different systems, the comparison is not necessarily valid. If anyone has actually compared these two preamps within the same system, please offer your comments.
And, if anyone has compared either the Lamm LL2 or Calypso to the Herron Audio VTSP 2, please feel free to offer your opinions. Thanks.