And the winner is--- 116, no wait it is the 121

So I thought since the 116 is priced a little to high for me and hardly shows up used on gon I would give the little brother a listen, the 121.
It was very very good, shockingly since I heard it before at a private home and didin't care for it, obviously a mismatch with either room or equipment.
So to those familiar with the mbl, I ask- should I stick it out and hope for a 116 to show up. I remember falling head over heels for the 116, there was nothing at all I desired more from the 116. The 121 is very good, but didn't give the same exact impression, is it possible with careful setup and subs added later on to get that same oh so awesome experience with the 121? The 101 also sound awesome to me.
By the way my present room is 11' x 15' kinda small for the 101 e's and I am not going to stick the 101 x's because it goes against my architects taste it'll conceal the curtains otherwise oh who am I kidding I couldn't even afford an architect but if I could I wouldn't have one because that would cut into my audionervosa spending and we can't have that.
Today a friend of mine an audiophile, who I must admit is a little non-conformist and tends to say the opposite of what I say at times, but has very good hearing- you see Tom I give you credit when it is due, oh and sorry about the non-conformist thing I am an expert since I am the biggest noncomformist but remember how much I read about health and understand it is a bloodtype b thing so I understand our little thing never mind we won't talk about it in front of others good thing nobody is reading this.
Any way he said he loved the 121 alot ALOT, imagine if he heard the 101 e's. And this is someone who finds fault in most speaker designs. He even told me I should buy them, I was a bit shocked. I have been talking about mbl's for years, i wish he would have listened but he is a little hard of hearing, just kidding maybe a little stubborn. That's why we are such good friends.
I realize today again I will be happiest with the omni sound.
I hope you're feeling better soon.

Pedrillo, all I can say is enjoy.

That being said if I was you and looking at these two specific models I would most defiantly look at some other options also to compare.

I have been doing some research on some other speakers mentioned in some other threads as I'm open minded.

Two products that do come to mind worth at least a listen, first product being the Shahinian product line (talk seems to be mostly be about the "Diapason" speaker) There is another one below that one for sale right now on Gon. which looks very interesting and at an attractive price.

Second one being the Morrison Audio 7 speakers, very inexpensive and very interesting.

I have not heard any of these but I thought I would just give you my input, it is always nice to have options.
Another option if it is available :
I have another option for you. Since you like the 116s, and the 101s really needs a larger space why not consider the 111s. They work well in smaller rooms yet sound very close to the 101s, and there are currently a few of these on the Gon at very good prices, even better than a used pair of 116s. I am using the 111s/9007s in a room that is 14 x 17 with superb results. If you want to discuss further let me know.
"Follow your bliss!," as one of the Wizards of Oz once said. You seem to most desire a pair of 116s, so why not wait to get what you really appear to want? And, as Gjrad suggests, check out the 111s in the meantime. A good part of the Audiophile experience is wanting rather than having!