And opinions/experience w/Parasound ZDAC?

I am currently use the Vdac as a temporary solution in my system, and my local store has the new ZDAC in stock. I can't find any reviews of it online, perhaps because it is so new. Does anyone here have a listening experience with it yet?
Per an email I received from Richard Schram (Parasound Pres) a part of an email response on my inquiry to them about the zDAC:

Here is a comment from one of Parasound’s most important dealers. I know his office system includes Martin Logan Summit X speakers.
“Finally listened to the Zdac in my office. Wow! It’s the cleanest DAC I’ve had in my system. Incredibly detailed. Amazing soundstage depth. I lived with Benchmarks at home for years. This is dramatically better. Way, way more detailed. I can clearly hear a reduction in the digital noise or haze and it lets an incredible amount of info through. Makes me excited for the future of digital.”

Like you, I am very interested in the Parasound zDAC and would like to here some more feedback from users. I am not currently using any outboard DAC from my Integra DPS-10.5 Universal Player and would like to have the warm fuzzy that I will be hearing a reasonably good improvement. I am also using a Parasound Halo A23 amp and P3 preamp.
It would be interesting to hear the Parasound against the Benchmark Dac1. I haven't heard the Benchmark in years, but I think they are similar. The ZDac is very detailed and clean, almost clinical to my ears. The knock on the Benchmark was that it was very accurate, but didn't capture the "soul" of the music. I have a sense that the Parasound is more 3 dimensional, but I wouldn't trust my sonic memory to compare the two. I do feel comfortable to say that if you like the Benchmark's presentation, chances are you will also like the Parasound. It has that kind of flavor. The ZDac is clearly a great value, but I decided not to keep it.
I'm also curious as to the sound and in seeing a professional review. The Absolute Sound is apparently planning to have a review on this soon. It appears to be quite intriguing based on its specs.
I have the Zdac and I love it. They have the newest technology with asynchronous for all input. Timing is the most important of all tweak. If you like the 4K TV. you will love the Zdac. Audio is not complicated. They are the simplest of all high tech.
I got a very nice deal and am quite pleased. Planned to use it as a temporary replacement for a Sony 5400, but will probably have it for a while.