And now it's Denny Freeman.....

who has left this mortal coil. Denny was for decades a major figure in the Austin music scene, moving there from Florida in 1970. He shared the stage with not just Stevie Ray Vaughan and the other up-and-comers, but all the original Blues greats. You better believe that if you don't "have the goods", you'd better not get up on stage with them. They'll cut you to pieces, leaving you a humiliated lump of quivering flesh.

Denny was a member of Dylan's road band from the mid-to-late 2000's, playing on his Modern Times album. His illness was not diagnosed until shortly before his death at age 76. Players like him don't come along every day, a member of a truly and literally dying breed. Denny said that though Dylan rehearsed the band before shows, once on stage he might call out a song the band had never heard, let alone played. Try that in front of an audience of multiple thousands: tightrope walking without a net. ;-)
A great player. I saw him often during the 70s when he was playing with Paul Ray and the Cobras and with Angela Strehli and Miss Lou Ann
Oh man @sfar, I LOVE Lou Ann Barton! Her Jerry Wexler/Glenn Frey-produced album on Asylum is fantastic. I've seen/heard her live with Jimmy Vaughan a coupla times.

I believe I saw/heard Denny live with Lucinda Williams, on her Car Wheels tour. He and Kenny Vaughan (no relation) traded verses' soloing all night. They had different styles, but complimented each other. Lucinda has great taste in musicians. 
For a long time during the 70s, Hut's Hamburgers on W. 6th St. in Austin had Angela Strehli every Wednesday night with Denny Freeman in the band. That was where we went as soon as we got off work late in the evening. 
There's a wonderful version of "Hickory Wind" by Lucinda Williams on Buddy Miller's "Camayo Sessions at Sea" album. Lots of other great stuff on there, too, a personal favorite is Richard Thompson's version of "Wedding Bells"
Another great blues guitarist gone.  So sad.  I mostly heard him on record but did see him with Angela Strehli once.  Great show, great band.  RIP
Modern times is my favorite Dylan album of recent times; sorry to read this.  Thank you Eric.