And now it's Dave Bartholomew.....

Dave Bartholomew passed away this morning at age 100 years and six months. I hope ya’ll know who he was, and the music he is responsible for. If not, get to it! His pioneering New Orleans Rock 'n' Roll work was done before many of ya'll were born, but his songs have been recorded by some people you HAVE heard of, including John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Cheap Trick, and many others. My favorite version of any of his songs is the cover by Dave Edmunds of "I Hear You Knocking", originally recorded by Smiley Lewis.

Dave’s version is one of the handful of greatest Rock ’n’ Roll records ever released, was a hit for Edmunds in 1970, and is found on his debut solo album Rockpile (he later was in a band of the same name, along with Nick Lowe, Billy Bremner, and Terry Williams. They were one of the two or three greatest Super Groups of all time.).

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 Anyone else getting tired of the seemimg proliferation of  ' y'all ' ?
@winoguy17 ,_not me, I use the term often. @bdp, got the news of his passing from a friend and felt the loss especially since losing Dr. John so recently.
Just got confirmation that Bartholomew's death was a hoax and he is indeed alive and well.