I swear, I must be an ass.... I can never get a link on this forum to work like it's supposed to. You may be on your own here, but I'll try one more time. 

It's the new HD8t thing that I will have to keep my eye on.

Will it play 8-track too? :-)
I sure hope so. I gotta a whole attic full...
I've seen a lot of next big things come and go.  
April Fools joke.  Look at the date on the article.
So have I. This may just be another one... Although, it wouldn't hurt my feelings any, I suppose, if the kids liked it enough for it to draw them away from mp3, some not too distant day from now.

No, HDCD has been available in the pro world for a while now. They just changed the concept to tape to dramatically increase high frequency response and lower the noise floor. Apparently it's for real.
A friend of mine has a '67 Mustang with a working 8-track player, but he hardly ever uses it. He drives the car now and then, but the 8-track only has 2 tapes. Janis Joplin's "Kosmic Blues" and a Doobie Brothers. 

I'm tired of both of them, so I gave him some blank tapes from my stash. Five years ago! He still hasn't found a way to make some new tapes. 

"Apparently it’s for real."

Ivan, you can’t be serious. Look at the logo under the tape, DUBLY? And the tape, Kingston Duo?  April Fool’s joke, big time!

Look at the schematic; it uses some real technical terms such as "tape holder thingy" and "green soloniod nodule".  Oh, and the tapes are made of lead.  Yes, just want you want laying around the house for the little ones to chew on.  
Could be...They have their own sense humor about it one way or the other...
This sure sounds like a tongue in cheek article and perhaps an "April Fools" joke?
We are just getting access to cassette tape decks in Arkansas. 
*L*  Yup, an 'in yer face' 4/1 spoof.  A prime example of 'forward, into the past' tech.  Digital with a single channel VU meter?

I've got some lake bottom property and a N.Y. area bridge on Craig's List that are hot to trot for investors in this 'gnu formutt' as well...;)

If you know anyone that buys into this, they can be described with a synonym for 'lollipop'. *G*
Could've sworn there had to be a taker out there somewhere...  oh well, maybe next year.
i choose to save for flying car.

"i choose to save for flying car."

May not have to wait too long as some reports say it will be available for sale next year.


there you go...
it should scan your license if it's valid and has all tickets and violation paid when you slide it onto the ignition switch:-)