And now for something completely different....

Cut & past this, you analog guys might get a kick out of this.
I've seen those for sale at record shows, there are several versions other than the "mini bus" shown in the video.

While I would not play my good records with it, I admit if I had one I would not be able to resist showing it to people with cast off LP's.

Thanks for the link.
Where do I get one?
I bought one very similar off E-Bay and presented it to a local analog shop owner. He used it as a gag display piece for some time. After awhile, he understandably tired of the "I hear the Lexus model provides an expanded sound stage", and such as that..... ;)
I guess linear tracking is outta the question.

How bout a Cobra Mustang ?
But how do you adjust the VTA? ;>}
Found One: $120!!!
I don't find it that amuzing....
I think a price of $19.95 might make it worth purchasing as a gag gift. $120.00 could be spent on some more software instead.
These were designed by Professor Lirpa, but never released to the public. After his death, a former employee of Lirpa Labs "liberated" this design approach and sold it overseas to the current manufacturers. I only post this so as to give Prof Lirpa the credit that he deserves : ) Sean
Sean, did professor Lirpa create that on his birthday, (April 1st)?