And digital rippers that can read external HD's?

Saw the newer Olive and can hold 3K CD's but alas does not allow for reading off external HD's.I would want to rip full bit rate or FLAC but since I don't want to go to lower quality and wondering if any CD/digital player has all the niceties of Olive but can control TB drives you can get so cheap now.Know that Olive allows for control from Ipod but no HD input.New PS Audio looks like nice unit but not much info on it (price ,HD size etc) yet initial blurb says might control external hard drives.Know of anything up my alley?
Why not just by a computer?
Crappy sound.Guess I could go to USB DAC but it's also muisc servers have dedictated easy to usy screen,easy genre grouping buttons etc.
From what I learned, it is compatible with a networked UPnP certified hard drive. I have been using the new Olive for a month now and the sound quality connected to my Bel Canto DAC3 is quite excellent.
Hope this helps