I always look forward to the airing of grievances.

Don't we all.
For me, personally, it's all about the feats of strength.
@yogiboy Don't you think the Festivus Pole would be detrimental to the treble response in a room? ;-)

"Come on, George -- fight your father."
"I find your belief system fascinating"....Mr.Kruger.

Seinfeld could have easily have been about audiophiles.
Use Helmholtz resonators as Christmas tree decorations.  Two birds with one stone.

And a Shakti Hallograph Soundfield Optimizer as the Festivus pole.
Guess what Seinfeld episode was aired tonight?!?!

Uh, could it be "Festivus?"

So festivus is for people that can’t handle the truth.  If you don’t like Christmas, tough.  Christmas probably doesn’t like you either.