Ancillary “Gear”

Now that some of us have a little more time on our hands, is this an opportunity to share thoughts and experiences regarding all the things we use in support of the listening we do?  The comfy chair, the mood lighting, the welcoming glass of whatever...  What are the things and habits we use that sort of ritualize and enhance the listening experience?  I do like to ritualize the whole thing a bit, as lighting can focus a mood, and a bit of preparation activity can prepare the brain for concentration and the flow of ideas and emotions.  What are your ancillary gear lists, and their configurations?  

Sheltering in a Clean, Well Lighted Place,


Sectional couch as always the sweet spot is between two cushions. Water bottle and occasional glass of some type of brandy. Not much else is needed for me.
@jond  - That's funny. I found the same thing when I set up my system and sectional sofa. Sweetest spot is right between the two cushions.
@reubent It's literally always the case I've found just one of those "things".
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