Analyzing the power from the outlet

I've been reading threads on the various methods of power cleaning -- filters, regenerators, dedicated lines, etc. But I don't see a thread that explains a systematic way of evaluating the condition of the power at the outlet. Is there a thread or a link that instructs on how to analyze the power for noise, voltage consistency, etc from the point of view of an audiophile?
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Rodman99999, thanks for the links to PowerVar products. I enjoyed watching Part2 & Part3 & found the info useful.
Mr B- You're welcome. I was hoping someone would find it so. Happy listening!
As usual its always good to hear from Ralph regarding all things directed towards hearing and the love/wonder of music and how to expand our listening pleasures.Lots of good posts here.Speaking of PowerVar I had one of their conditioners about 10-12 years ago but cannot recommend it on any level.Thanks again to all the good info here,cheers,Bob
PowerVar products are not designed for audio applications. I wouldn't recommend them for that use, AT ALL. The probe that they sell could be useful, if someone wanted to actually view the noise on their incoming AC though.