Analytical, revealing COPPER w/

What is a copper IC that is the fittest to my description: W/ Strength in “analyticality”, clarity, revelation, detail, last and most “edgy” separation?(between instruments or between frequencies)

I have so far bought two types of IC (my speakers are self powered so my long XLR ICs are my speaker cables) worth naming for my system.

Cardas golden reference
Audioquest Sky

To my general impression, assuming because I have Class D amps, solid pre amp, copper always sounded more full and acoustical in bass.

Sky is a good silver cable, it didn’t necessary bring out more details in the low frequencies with my pre/amp, I however agree that it is quicker at delivery. Like some other silver cables I had, worthless to name, they shared the characteristics of sounding somewhat hollow and a slightly unnatural in the lower frequencies.

I know if I had any good tubes in preamp or amp from, say, audio research, it would solve the problem regarding the bass being hollow and a bit unnatural.

But tubes sounds slow to me (I previously had Jadis). I am looking for “analyticality”, clarity, revelation, detail and “edgy” separation.

I have feel that I have to stick with copper because sky failed to satisfy, and Valhalla is know for having even less bass, I don’t have much faith in find a silver cable to pair with my amps. Please recommend me copper.
How about the Synergistic Research or XLO signature cables?Maybe PAD-Purist.
do not generalize too much about copper and silver. a good cable to consider is the sunny cable technology cable.
XLO Signature 2

These are the fastest, most transparent pure copper cables that I've ever heard. Your system better be up to the task though, because they do not hide any flaws.

XLO Signature 2

Virtual Dynamics Nite2 ...Great stuff
Audioquest comes to mind. Whatever their top of the line DBS copper cable is called---Jaguar I think. Tried those and myself and these should be what your looking for.
The XLO Signtaure is by far the BEST copper cable I have experienced in my system. However, I would not describe them as "edgy" or "analytical". I just recently upgraded from Audience Au24 to the Signature 2 Interconnects, Digital Cable, and the Speaker Wire. And is just newly broken in.

When compared to the Au24, the Sig 2 are definitely more resolving yet offer more clarity and focus. However, they have this seductive quality to them which is difficult to describe. I have been hearing things that I have never heard before in Albums I am very familiar with. One thing that is abolutely stunning about the Sig 2's is the Bass extension. I almost feel as if I added a tight subwoofer to my system at times. It is absolutely incredible.

The XLO Signature also images better in my system and the soundstage moved back atleast 10-15 feet when compared to the Au24. Anyway, my system is somewhat modest (It is in Virtual Systems) but I would say if you are looking for some of the BEST copper cables out there that let the music through. I would not hesitate to suggest the XLO Signature 2.

BTW: After reading your post. When I think of cables that will have "edgy clarity" and "fast analytical" charateristics, I think of Nordost Cables which personally, I do not enjoy and would not want. The are pretty cool at first but once you spend some time with them, you will probably want them out of your system.

However, if your system is just way too lush, they may just do the trick.

Good Luck!

hi, ask audio quest what there current I.C. to match the sound of the previous heaviest copper speaker cable. I think it was called "Clear" or something like that. It had !24 separate 24 gauge conductors (12 per pole) and each had a poly or teflon insulation.
Personally I'd go with any gold/silver cable, the warmth and detail are there. Audio Metalurgy is an audiogon member.
(I have no stock in that company, just find them economical and high standard value).
You want something that is made of 6 9's copper to get any remarkable detail. But i still think the gold/ plated silver is the next level in what you are seeking.
don’t have much faith in find a silver cable to pair with my amps

Have you tried Acoustic Zen Silver Reference MkII between source and preamp and Matrix Reference MkII from preamp to amp? While I can't call them analytical, this combo is fast sounding and very detailed with awesome bass. I would pair these with Acoustic Zen Hologram speaker cables. This should do what you're looking for.

Sorry for recommending silver cables......but the combo I mentioned may do just what you want without loosing texture and power in the bass.
The XLO Signtaure is by far the BEST copper cable I have experienced in my system. However, I would not describe them as "edgy" or "analytical".

I have.

Chris, I'm glad you are really enjoying the XLO Signature 2's, but remember, cables are system dependent.
You have a warm Cary tube integrated amp, and warm Sonus Faber speakers, so I'm sure the speed and resolution of the XLO mates well with these. However, I have heard XLO sound thin and bright on equipment that is not so laid back.

I myself now use silver cables. I tried silver cables many times over the last 15 years and NEVER liked them. They always sounded thin in the highs and bass. However, when I changed speakers to full-bodied, warm speakers, I found that silver cables now sound wonderful.

In my experiences, XLO is the only copper cable I've heard with the speed and clarity of silver. FWIW, I don't count Nordost Valhalla as copper, as it is a hybrid, silver clad copper. This speed and clarity will work well in a warm, full system, it can sound like nails on a chalkboard in a transparent system, IMHO. Just as Cardas/Jena Labs/etc can sound wonderful in a bright system, but can sound lifeless in a warm system.

Just my $0.02.

"However, I have heard XLO sound thin and bright on equipment that is not so laid back."


That is very interesting. I had owned the original XLO Reference Series (green & purple) with Solid State Gear and it worked very well and a similiar sound. I definitely agree that it is revealing of what is put through it though.

Thanks for the good points.. Always good to hear about other experiences..



How about with Theil, Wilson or other speakers that are more revealing?

That is why they make so many flavors anyway.

"How about with Theil, Wilson or other speakers that are more revealing?"

That would be interesting as I have not owned a pair of Theils or Wilsons. However, when I referenced owning the Reference Type 5 Speaker Wire and the Reference 1 Interconnects above. My system did consist of a YBA Integre and JM Lab speakers. This system of mine was very detail oriented and not as smooth as my current system but the XLO was by far the best of breed of any of the wires I had tried with that setup. Also, keep in mind I mainly listen to Rock & Roll which is rarely recorded perfectly. (Wires used with that setup were various models of AudioQuest, Cardas, YBA Diamond, Tara, XLO, and Kimber)

Regardless, I do see and understand your point and agree that the SIG 2 Wires are definitely not the cables for every application.

Having run a High End Audio Store for several years right out of college enabled me the luxury to try an obsessive amount of gear and cables in my home over the years. Not to mention, Audiogon has just made things super easy to try things by buying and selling gear. What I am getting at is that I have heard the majority of what is out there. I guess it all boils down to personal preference and system synergy.

I have enjoyed corresponding with you in this post..


I second the XLO.
Extremely fast, detailed, and will not high any flaws. It's almost silver like.

Having tried the XLO Signature 2 balanced cable just lately, I can attest to most of the comments here. Jmcgrogan2 had summed up the characteristics of the cable nicely. I am not sure if these cables are actually adding anything into the signal path. *just kidding* I had previously thought I was getting all the speed, detail and dynamics I can get with Nordost Frey but the XLO was even more dynamic and quicker. Finer details I have never heard before come popping out of nowhere. The mids are more prominent and fuller in comparison to the Nordost Frey. Not only that, the bass slam of the Signature 2 was the most astounding thing that I had ever experienced in my system. I didn't expect one cable can affect the bass so drastically.

If one desires to add some speed and dynamics coupled with incredible bass slam to his/her system, the XLO Signature 2 is a worthy consideration. Or maybe I should rephrase my sentence> If one desires to pass down the full information from the source to the preamp right down to the power amp, the XLO is it. I am still not sure if it's right to characterize any cable as dynamic or fast or having great soundstage and depth etc. since they can't be adding anything into the signal path? Sometimes it's just difficult to describe on the sonics of cables due to this fact. Having said that, the XLO is definitely worth considering if dynamics, speed and bass slam are the traits one is seeking.

Of course there are many other excellent options available in the market, but this XLO cable had definitely struck a nice balance in my system suited to my listening preferences. Cables can be so intriguing.
i don't think you have to look to hard to find a cable that provides sufficient resolution to satisfy your needs.

most cables do not lack resolving capability.

if you want to economize, i suggest outlaw audio interconnect. its cost is about $59/meter.