Analysis Plus vs. Harmonic Technology

I have a Plinius 8200 integrated, Arcam FMJ23 cd player, and B&W CDM9NT speakers. Shunyata Sidewinder Golds on both pieces, and an Audioprisim Foundation 3 line conditioner, using a Shunyata Mojave power cord for the Audioprisim to the wall. All cableing is Analysis Plus. I'm not getting alot of extension, I was thinking Of Harmonic Tech. Pro-Silway mk.2 and Pro 9 plus speaker cable as an upgrade. Any ideas? Thanks.
Can't comment on Analysis Plus but have recently installed HT Pro-9 (bi-wired bananas). Sound is fantastic with my AA Dvoraks. Very smooth and balanced with tons of air and detail. Just bought (no wonder I don't own a home) Pro Silway II balanced IC's but can't use 'till I retube my VT-100 (nwIdoah). The heard seems to be migrating to Acoustic Zen but I can't imagine any music lover not liking the HT.
the A/P silver oval interconnect and speaker cable should do a better job in every area vs. any H/T. I currently run my entire system with A/P silver including powercords...and it is smooth,open,detailed with a natural harmonic tonality!
I have had both the Anlysis Plus and Harmonic Tech. The Pro 9 is pretty good, I don't think to much of the Pro Silway 2. I think it is altogether better than Analysis Plus. I would check out Acoustic Zen. It is about the same price as Harmonic Tech and is WAY better in every aspect. I like the Acoustic Zen cords better than any cords I have tried including very expensive stuff.
Acoustic Zen and Harmonic Tech are basically made the same way with the same designs and materials/same company (because of the business partners) so I would be surprised if they sound any different.
As far as the differences between Harmonic Tech Pro-9/Pro Silway II and Analysis Plus, it is night and day. The Harmonic Tech cables are so much better then the Analysis anything it is not even a comparison. Much more depth, detail, and neutrality. I have had many chances to listen to both lines extensively and I am certain about what I said. But you know how it is, your mileage may vary. The
Harmonic Tech cable, the Precisions, are a better comparison to the Analysis. The Harmonic Tech cables are the best that I have ever heard for anything close to the price.
I use the HT pro-9 speker cables and am totally satisfied. I use both the pro silway II and truthlinks. The silways worked well for me between the amp and pre (VTL) and in the phono side of the system (where they still reside) but they produced a nasty glare and lacked body when used from the cd playerc (ACR CD-2). The truth links were definately fuller and more musical in that locaion though lacking in a little of the detail that the silways provided. In my system the truth links tend to work better overall and they are a lot cheaper. try em both.
Have not heard the HT, but AP is horrible. Just swapped out at a friend's home, his AP Silver into Stealth UR. He was complaining that he did not enjoy his turntable, well we found out the reason.

The difference is night and day, literally, the AP smears the timing, distorts the soundstage, and the tonality is harsh, and the stings sounds stringent and lacked of warm. With better cable, everything falls in place, and we were able to then diagnose the turntable VTA, VTF, etc. With the AP, can't even hear the proper VTA setting. That's how bad.

System consists of Lyra, YBL, and Sonus Faber Guarneri, not a cheap system.
I used to use HT Pro9 and Silway II in my system, and also heard it in a friends system. I have switched over time from Pro9 to AP's 9 gauge copper speaker cable (I forget the name). Basically, the HT speaker cable sound is more neutral and clear but also, at least to my ear, sounds a little bit artificial. I prefer the AP sound generally, with it's greater harmonic information, even though I think there may be a slight sacrifice of detail (actually it sounds more natural to me). The HT had good bass but the AP had deeper richer bass.

I tested the AP hybrid silver/copper interconnects and liked them a lot, slightly better than the Silway II, but ultimately preferred my Quattrofil. I tested the AP hybrid silver/copper 12 gauge speaker cable and found it a bit more detailed in the treble but less natural and less bass than the AP 9 gauge copper speaker cable, so I stuck with the AP 9 gauge. I eventually bi-wired the 9 gauge. Talk about bass!

I don't have any experience with HT, but found AP-9's to be a huge disapointment. Some describe it as nuetral & smooth. I found it to be veiled lacking detail & dynamics. Believe it or not, my AQ midnight III blew it out in every respect. Perhaps it would be a good match in an overly bright system, but I even doubt that.
HT all the way. I've love my pro 9's pro-silway mkii balanced
I have HT Pro 11's hotwire biamped (1 full run each to highs and lows joined at the amp)I also use Pro Silway II's from EVS dac to ARC preamp then use Cardas Gold Cross balanced pre to ARC poweramp. I have very good detail, neutrality, timber, and beyond the speaker imaging. Hard to imagine something more without spending gobs more money.
Have to agree with Piezo that the Pro-Soilway II lacks body from CDP to Pre for me, too. Perhaps the cheaper Truthlinks could have been better, but I found a great deal on Discovery Essence, and am amazed how a richer midband fleshes out the sound. Just seems more dynamic, too.
The HT was great on my old Rotel, but certainly bettered on my EMC-1 MkII. I might sell the Pro-Silways unless I keep them for my tuner.
The Analysis Plus Silver oval in's are pretty good but cost quite a bit more than the HT's and are no better. But the HT pro silway II are an excellent all around performer using a combo of silver and copper and for the price are a value leader.

The Analysis Plus model 9 cables sounded horrible in my system. I tried them on several occasions and the definition seemed to disappear and the bass became very bloomy and very undefined. Can't figure out why only one cable (I've auditioned quite a few) would have such an adverse affect.

Again the HT Pro 9's speaker cables are working quite well.