Analysis Plus vs. Audience

Wondering if anyone ever compared the Solo to the 24e interconnects. Both appear to use OHNO continuous cast copper but the similarity seems to end their.

Interested in your experience and feedback.

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It gets more complicated. There are a bunch of audio cables into the while continuous cast game, including anti cables and VH audio. In the case of Analysis Plus, one has to wonder about the hollow conductor geometry, that certainly sets it apart. I happen to like their whole free-wheeling hollow core thing and have AP interconnects and power cord, alas not continuous cast. You add cryo and burn-in devices into the mix then it gets real hard to figure out who's on first.
I am not sure if you have heard an analysis plus cable. I tried the Solo Crystal Oval . I thought they a little weak on bass and very forward sounding , but very clear and detailed.
That may work well for your system ,if it sounds too laid back. I have not heard the 24e. I just wanted to point out what i heard with analysis plus
I lived with the Solo Crystal Oval/Oval 9 IC/SC combo for 8 years. They are good cables. I agree with Grey9hound's assessment of the Solo Crystal Oval IC. They could work well in the right set-up but I would definitely want to demo them in any system I was going to use them in.
I've neve found the Solos weak in the bass or bright. I guess it's true, ymmv.
Zavato, I missed the fact that you have lived with the Solo Crystal Oval/Oval 9 combo. I found the Oval 9 to be great in my set up. In my system the Solo interconnect was detailed and transparent. I have always wanted to try the Audience. I hope you get a chance to. I would love to know how the Audience IC would work with the Oval 9 SC. If you get a chance to hear the Audience please let us know what you think of it. Thanks.
I have a pair of AU24E's in house now. Using it between my CD and Integrated Amp. It is an interesting cable. The Solos are a bit forward but definitely not bright compared to the AU24E's. The AU24E's bass is more rounded, but I'm not sure which one's bass is more accurate. As far as I can discern so far, I feel no need to run out and replace all my interconnects with AU24E's, and can live quite nicely with either the AU24E's or the Solos. That's why I was interested in someone else's experience between the two.
Sorry I couldn't help you with a comparison. The way you describe the comparison between the Audience and the AP makes me believe the Audience would have been very good with my last set up. Thanks for your take between them. Good luck with your decision.