Analysis plus T1 spades and B&W spkrs

Anyone know if these spades will fit on the 3/8 inch posts on my B&W cdm1nt speakers? B&W spades seem to be extra large. Thanks for any input
I have a set of T1 spades sitting here on my deask. I measured the inside dimension to be exactly 5/16". There is no way they will go over a 3/8" post without widening the opening somewhat.
From Analysis Plus

T1 Spade
$15 each

Machined from a block of copper & silver plated.
Will fit 1/4"-5/16" binding post.
The T1 is 0.52" wide and 0.10 " thick.

I should have added...
From Analysis Plus you can order cables with the "big" spades that accommodate the 3/8" posts. (Follow the link I posted.) Or, it's pretty easy to reterminate them yourself. I have Analysis cables and like them very much as well as the customer service from the company (very good!), but I don't see what the big deal is with the T1 connectors.
They are a big, strong, solid block of copper does that improve the conductivity? What's more, the mass of these connectors is so large that the wire is not soldered to the connector (my preference) but assembled by twisting into a threaded hole on the block and then secured with a set screw.
I have removed the T1s and use bare wire on my Aloia amps (preferred by the amp connector) and when I get around to it, I'll remove the ones on the speaker side and solder some in.