Analysis Plus Solo Crystal vs. Acoustic Zen Matrix

Has anyone compared these two interconnects? If so, how are they different? I know cables are very system dependent but I'm looking for opinions from those who have tried both. Thanks.
I tried both earlier this year. The Analysis Plus Solo Crystal cables, in my system, were more holographic. Voices seemed to be more in the room. However, the Acoustic Zen Matrix cables were more controlled in the lower bass. I have Quad ESL-63 speakers, which have a somewhat limited low end, so maybe the APs were just too much of a good thing with the bass. The APs seem to be on the bright side of neutral, whereas the AZs seem to be more toward neutral. I kept the APs as a second set (I went with Audience AU-24s) because I like having them around for what they do to vocals. The AZs were a lot like the Audience cables, I thought.