Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8...OMG!!

I seriously can’t believe what these cables are doing to the sound in my rig.  I had them awhile ago and couldn’t justify the price (used) so I pulled back and returned them.  I grabbed them again yesterday since my local stereo shop still had them hanging there. 

Well let me say that I’ve always been a believer in cables making changes to the sound because I can hear it but I’ve never had speaker cables that changed the sound as dramatically as this.  The way it’s untangling the music, the way its making everything sound real, the way it’s full top to bottom without any harshness is pretty crazy.  

This is on a system that isn’t highly resolving yet all of these differences are completely noticeable.  I’m not talking about a little more resolution here, a little more top end sparkle there, fuller bass here...  I’m talking about did I just get a different amp, this can’t be the same dac, these can’t be the same speakers, kind of changes.

I’ve had this sound in my systems before but that was with higher end gear for sure... it makes me wonder how much I was leaving on the table without these cables in my rig at that time.

Have any of you had similar experiences with the Solo Crystal 8’s as well?  I’m thinking that these are end game cables for me.
@b_limo  I just found a used pair of the Solo Crystal Oval 8 that will arrive in a few days.What inspired me is while trying this and that to get my new dac integrated into my system,I put my old AP Solo Crystal ic back in between pre and amp and Damn!Exactly what it needed.I knew that beautiful timbre I used to enjoy was being masked by something.It's an xlr cable so I ordered adapters so I could experiment with it and a couple of others in my 'old but good' accessories box.The result was totally unexpected.I was just looking for a clue of what my next step would be - warmer?airyer?leaner?switch out tubes?etc....
Anyway I think I hear more detail buried in there screaming to be released so I'll update next week.And thank you for posting your experience.It helped nudge me in the right direction.
@jtcf, you’ll have to report back and let us know how you like your new cables.  Congrats on pulling the trigger on them!!

I have a feeling you’ll like them!  I still love the speaker cables.  Just really great, natural, detailed, layered sounding :-)
They shipped today so I'll be sure to update next week:-)
Just received the speaker cables today and ran the system for around 4 hours before listening.My initial impression is the sound is on the warm dark side,somewhat veiled,but with layer upon layer of detail.Everything is there but without sharply defined edges,velvety.The bass is outstanding! Way too soon for a final opinion but right now my hope is that they will open up just a bit more as they settle in.I really like them!
My system is all tubed like decooneys so there's always tubes and tweaks to get things in balance:-)
re: AP Crystal Solo Oval copper interconnects, update #2, pair #2. 

A note and question to other AP Crystal Solo owners, thanks:  

Just picked up a 2nd 1.5M pair of the Crystal Solo ICs to (test not mixing brands/types) to run identical cables between tube DAC to tube preamp and Preamp to tube Amps - end to end, all Solos. Removed my Cardas Parsec ICs which I like and they have their own sound/tone, decent at a lower price point, and maybe I'm just use to their particular tone having owned many Cardas ICs past 25+ years.  This writeup is premature, no doubt - just capturing thoughts. 

I can say I'm not yet use to the sound of the the recently new  AP Crystal Solo ICs when run end-to-end.  It's actually quite a bit different from what I even recall demoing Cardas Clear Cygnus which had an open and detailed (more neutral sound) compared to my older Cardas from the Cross lines which had a warmer and more veiled over sound which worked great for my  brighter SS amps and not as well with my tube gear.  Back to AP Solos... sorry, trying to rationalize this new sound with when doubling up with all AP solos; not broken in yet, fwiw.  

With AP Crystal Solos ICs I immediately noticed an even larger and deeper sound stage adding in the 2nd pair in-line, more detail and texture, with maybe a tad less fullness at first compared to my Cardas Parsec which are well broken in.  The AP Crystal Solos (both pairs) maybe have 60 hours on them max. Running two pairs, there is no hiding anything.  What goes in is what comes out (good or bad), almost to the degree it's as if I'm hearing things i've NEVER heard before on any of my prior amps or 20+ interconnects I've tested before.  It's clear all of my prior cables were leaving something on the table, and the AP Crystal Solos don't or not a lot. It's one of those IMO "watch out what you ask for" situations, or maybe I'm truly more use to a softer more veiled over sound. Another way to look at it is it sounds a lot better when I let my tube preamp and amps really warm up for 2+ hours, smooths out a tad more to compensate a bit I guess, for now.  

While these are still settling in, relaxing, whatever happens letting them play (~up to 300hrs ???) is kind of frustrating and intriguing to see IF anything really changes (at all) once I get to 100-150-300hrs. 
I'm not sure I really needed the 2nd pair, and intermixing brands was working well previously for my particular system.  Now with all AP Solos end to end, it's as if I have a completey different sound to multiple components, and hearing something quite different now as my particular system is highly sensitive to IC changes, for good or bad. :)  They sound quite a bit different from the AP cable one level below.  These are way more open and transparent, have the dielectric same as the upper end silvers have as I understand it now.

Comparing the first 2 hours to hour 35-60 does sound a wee bit smoother now, maybe.  The sound I'd characterize compared to my former smoother or neutral test ICs is this with AP Crystal Solo ICs:

Early Changes noticed at 35-60 hours:
-Larger sound stage (tall and wide too)
-Deeper sound stage (pushed back some more)
-Added layering (overtones,...reverb-ish harmonics?)
-Added detail at top, mids (not overly harsh though)
-Everything is faster, top to bottom (tight bass too)
-Change of tone(s); piano, guitar, voices are scary clear
-Cleaner and more open (for better or worse)
-Guitars have more grain, grunge, twang 
-Familiar songs do sound different (wasn't expecting this)
-Hearing things I've never heard before in songs 

300HRS ??? Break-In, Burn-In, Setting, Really?
I'm really curious to know impatiently WHAT actually changes with the sound after such a long break-in period. 

-Does it become more open or smoother?
-What changes after the full 300hrs, if anything?