Analysis Plus Oval 9 vs Crystal Oval 8

Anybody have experience A/B-ing Analysis Plus Oval 9 vs Crystal Oval 8? I have listened to the Oval 9's, but not the Oval 8's. I have only heard the single runs. Anybody have experience hearing the difference of the bi-wire versions of either of the above? Thanks.
Click link for a comparison:
The 8s are very differnt. You give up none of the qualities of the 9s but gain, smoothness and quietness; detail and specificity; more controlled bass and sweeter midrange. Imaging is improved. Overall, more musical and neutral.
I have never heard the 8’s. But after switching to mono blocks I cut my 9’s in half and now have 2 runs to each speaker instead of using jumpers. Was there an improvement? Yes, but not as dramatic as I had hoped. Was it worth the $200 to have the 9’s cut and re-terminated? Probably. Do I still want to try the 8’s? YOU BET.
Since posting about a week ago, I found, I bought and I now am listening to the Oval 8's. Cellorover, you have put into words exactly what I'm hearing particularly the comment regarding detail and specificity. Superdoof, the 8’s are definitely a nice improvement over the 9’s.