Analysis Plus Oval 9 & Vandersteen 3As

Does Analysis Plus make their Oval 9 in a bi-wire configuration on the speaker end that will work with Vandersteen 3A speakers? Or are the spades too big? The cable at the amp would be two spades.

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Analysis Plus does offer their cables with their NGS connectors which are 0.48" wide and should fit the terminal strip posts that Richard V insists on using for his (excellent) speakers. This, of course, is going to limit you to NEW speaker cables for your setup, as finding a pair of bi-wire Oval 9's withthese particular connectors is going to be difficult if not impossible to do. Good Luck!
Richard V has definite opinions on bi-wiring. If you go to his site, he explains that to benefit from biwiring, you must have seperate wires. DO NOT use one jacketed cable - you might as well not biwire. I have Vandersteen 5A's and am using the very wonderful Anti-Cables with great success. I've had almost every cable in my system, and non was as good as Anticables.
I'd appreciate feedback from Vandersteen owners as to what cable they have had success with. My present setup is an Aragon 4004 or a McCormack DNA-1 paired with either an ARC SP-9 or a McCormack TLC. But I shortly plan to upgrade to a ARC VT100mkiii and a ARC SP-10.

Thanks again!
I too am using the anti cables with a pair of vandy 3A sigs. IMS they really were worth the price and much more. I'm using Cardas Golden Reference inter connects and Cardas Golden Reference Power Chords with all my associated equipment though.
Vandersteen uses Audioquest to build the balanced X2 as well as the M5HP and M5HP-Balanced high pass filters. You will also often find Vandersteen using Audioquest as their speaker cable at shows.
I'm using the Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerators on my 5A's. They aren't a true biwire as Richard recommends but they work excellently with the 5A's IMO. SR doesn't seem to think a true external biwire is necessary with their wire. YMMV ;)