Analysis Plus oval 9 question

my oval 9's indicate which end should go to the amp and which end goes to the speaker. I'll have to re-terminate them for my current set up to plug them in "correctly". Does it really make any difference how they are connected?
Did you know Analysis Plus offers a retermination service?

They have some fairly in-depth white papers on their website, although I could not find anything about speaker cable directionality.

I'll bet if you contacted them they would be happy to explain the directionality issue.

Analysis Plus
106 East Main St.
Flushing, MI 48433
Phone: (888) 579-0386
FAX: (810) 659-3303
brilliant suggestion Tvad! Dunno why I did not think of that! I am kinda slow on Saturdays (as well as the rest of the week)
Analysis Plus is great to work with on your cabling issues.

I made two mistakes on my retermination of speak cables and Analysis Plus reterminated the cables in a short time frame.
Yes they do do retermination. It runs appox. 30.00 for amp ends + 30.00 for Speaker ends (4 ends per )T-1's extra charges.