analysis plus oval 8 vs purist venustas

someone can tell me the different between this 2 speaker cable.
I"m looking for 3d clean and deep cable.
thank you.
Welcome to Audiogon. It looks like you may be a new member, and this your first post. So that's why I'm going to take a LOT more time than usual, to answer your question KINDLY, and not try and 'beat you up' for asking a question that's not really possible to answer (in the way you've asked it.)

My own (LONG TERM) speaker cable experience has been with MIT Music Hose, Straightwire Maestro/Vituoso/Crescendo, Purist Venustas. Yes, I have heard AP Oval 8, but not impressed enough to try it for a few years in my own system (which is what I meant by "Long Term") Don't take that as a criticism . . . . . It may just be that the AP Oval 8 was not compatible enough with my system to make me want to pursue it further -- it doesn't mean that it couldn't be a brilliant choice for your system. Another thing that GREATLY affects (especially) speaker cable comparisons (in addition to system compatibility) is break-in. Some cables need it, some don't; but almost all (especially speaker cables) can benefit from a minimum of 50 hours at higher signal levels.

So, now you can see how coming to any kind of meaningful conclusion, about the candidates you are considering, while not completely impossible, would take some real doing in the "apples-to-apples" department! And while I'm not questioning the sincerity of your inquiry, I hope you can understand why, in its present form, no one could offer a response that would be of any real help to you.

If I were going to consider new speaker cables for my system, ESPECIALLY if they were in the over $2000/pair range (that is, over $2000 for a new, 1.5 meter pair) I would go to The Cable Company's 'Used Cable' website and pay their (refundable only as credit ;~) "take-out fee" so that I could compare a few USED (meaning they're already burned-in!) cables in my own system. They wouldn't all have to be exactly the same length, but they should all be the manufacturer and model you are interested in.

This will not only save you a lot of time (I happen to value my time, even in the pursuit of my hobbies!) it will possibly save you some money, BUT MOST IMPORTANT, you will have supreme confidence that you made the right decision for your system and your budget. BTW, I have no interest, financial or otherwise, in the Cable Company. But their auditioning service has made it possible for non-billionaires to make MEANINGFUL cable comparisons in a way that would have been virtually impossible otherwise.

So now you know how to REALLY ANSWER your question! No excuses for not making a great choice! Good luck.
Nsgarch gives you very good advice. The most important thing to remember about cables, AC cords and interconnects, is that the vast majority of the time, their performance is totally system-dependent. There is very little that one can reliably say about the difference in sound (if any) between two different wire/cable production unless one has heard both in the same system. Which is why Nsgarch makes so much sense.
Thank you for you answer.
I talk to some distributer and i will try some cables on my system.