Analysis Plus Oval 12 v Kimber 8TC v Zu Libtec

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with either or (ideally) both of these cables and can give me their impressions. I'm looking for something that a bit easier to work with and under $600 or so dollars. Any other suggestions are certainly welcome.

My system:

Creek Classic 5350SE Integrated
KAB modded Technics 1200
Rotel CDP1072 (as transport)
Squeezebox Duet
Headroom (pimped) Desktop Amp/max-DAC
Audio Physic Sparks
Zu Cables
Shunyata/Zu power
I just got the Analysis Plus Oval 12 and could not be happier. I had PS Audio Statements and simply got tired of wrestling with them. I suggest getting the bi wire version of the 12s as with Analysis Plus bi wire means doubble the wire...two complete seperate cables joined at each end. The sound is wonderful! VERY easy to work with and the bananas are of nice quality. The science behind them appears to be solid as well, hope this helps.