Analysis plus ova 9‘S vs. Kimber cable 8tc’s.

I’m going to buy some new speaker cables and the two above are what I’ve narrowed it down to. My amp is a McIntosh MC452 and my speakers are Aerial 7t’s. Right now I have bjc 10 ga. I’m not interested in other cables that are twice as good for half the price. It’s way too confusing and these are the price range cables that seem to have great reviews. Also should I bi-wire or not? Thanks in advance for the help.
I wouldn't hesitate to use either, but(if I were you)- I'd be strongly attracted to the Ovals.   I've got Kimber 8TC, going to my actively bi-amped woofers and Big Silver Ovals, going to my main speakers.    I've been very happy with both.   I hadn't looked at the Analysis Plus site in some time.  Now I'm thinking about 2 X 8' of Silver APEX.   Thanx, pal!   
Whatever you purchase for SC’s just buy a standard pair non bi-wire and use jumpers at the binding post on the speakers removing the cheap straps. There’s more than one way to connect speaker cable w/jumpers and the configuration will vary so you have to experiment and pick what you prefer.

Not to pitch Nordost, but this link, page 2 describes what I am referring to. Whatever you end up buying I’d recommend buying their jumpers just to keep it simple.

I use the bottom of the three configurations as shown with my Aerial’s and can tell the difference. Again you have to try the three and pick what you prefer if you hear a difference.

I owned the Analysis Plus and thought them one of the best less expensive cables I have owned.  
You can't go wrong with either choice, in fact if budget allows buy one of each to really spend some time with them.

Also, I agree adg101, buy a single wire with jumpers.  AP makes very reasonably priced jumpers BTW.
Oval 9 has better bass .
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Thanks for everyone’s input. I’m going to give this thread a couple of more days before I decide.
I wouldn’t bother bi-wiring, but- if you do, refer to the site posted by adg101, and carefully read the first and second lines under the heading, "The Does and Don’ts of Bi-Wiring ".   Spending what you would on a bi-wire pair of Oval 9s, on an improved single run, might be preferable.  Here's a thought, though I don't know what length you require:
Thanks for the link. I need 5ft cables.
Must be nice!  Happy listening!
I’m leaning toward the oval 9’s. Any other thoughts?
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I bet on Analysis Plus. And I’m a betting man. 💵
I ran Kimber 8TCs to my Aerial Model 8s for many years. Was very happy with them. 

I didnt bi-wire but my speakers came with a bridge that connected the posts. 

You already have the best cables - why not outfitting them with tech flex and the best connectors.  It would make a real difference.
Add another vote for Analysis Plus.

I was all set to buy a new set of the oval 9’s and I noticed a used set of 8tc’s for sale on this site. Got them for about half price of what a new set would cost. I may buy some oval 9’s also, but I’m going to wait for the Kimbers to get here and give them a listen. Thanks for all the advice.
So I hooked up my Kimber 8tc’s this morning and have been listening to music all day. Mostly on the radio. I have a Kenwood KT 8300 that’s been worked on that sounds pretty good, plus we have a great NPR station in Louisville, WFPK that plays a lot of good music. The first thing I noticed is that my stereo sounds different. At first I couldn’t decide if was better or not. The more I listened the more I liked it. When the news came on at 5 , I couldn’t shut the music off for news. Since I wasn’t drinking or anything else, this was significant.

A few minutes ago I put an Analogue Pressings re-master of Cat Stevens 
“Tea for the Tillerman”.  Listening to that right now and I have to tell you that I never thought a pair of speaker cables could make so much difference. This is my go to record to see if changes make a difference and the difference is not minor to my ears. This comes from a skeptical person who doesn’t believe in much unless there is data to back it up. The sound is much fuller and richer. The soundstage seems much larger. I realize this may just be my imagination, but today these are my impressions.
Nice!  Glad you like them.  They are consistently good cables and you will enjoy them even more with more time on them
Just a little follow up. The music sounds more natural and fleshier, more meat on the bone compared to the bjc cables which are thinner sounding. This was one of my best upgrades.
Enjoy!  Never stop learning/experimenting.
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I found a pretty good deal on some oval 9’s and ordered them. It will be interesting to compare the two.
gphill, which BJC were you using, canare, belden, other?

Very interested in the comparison of your two new speaker cables, in the same boat.
 I was using the Belden 10 ga.
I received the Analysis plus oval 9’s Wednesday and hooked them up yesterday. It’s way too early to tell anything yet. Just listened to the radio as background music for a little while. Should have some time this weekend for some more critical listening.
Thanks for the update gphill .Looking forward to your review . I owned both and had a distinct favorite .
This is going to be close. Both sound really good. Still getting some time on the oval 9’s.
Well, straight up I'll tell you what i thought , YMMV .
The Kimber was tighter,faster and clearer .AA sounded more like live music
and played better with other brands .Listen to FM , when people talk the Kimber has a hard edge to voices and  AA sounds  like people really talk .Most people are so used to that "Hi-Fi" edge they prefer it over reality IMO .