Analysis Plus Crystal ovals vs. Nordost Valhalla??

Anyone that can tell me what I can expect if I spent the bigger bucks for the Nordost?

I am using it to connect CD player (linn Ikemi) via XLR 1.0m run to a McIntosh C100 pre-amp.

It's a nice, clean sounding system right now. Will it get better?

I have the Crystal Ovals also connecting to two MC352 vertically bi-wired amps, also XLR to preserve this system's wonderfully fully balanced concept. These will have to stay for a while, although I would consider switching these to Valhalla in the future also.

Thanks,,,, appreciate anyone's experience/opinions.
I am admittedly biased, as a committed Analysis Plus owner. Please remember, though, that you have to gauge whether the upgrade to Valhalla is worth giving up thousands of dollars worth of software. I mean, you might have to spend an extra $1500-$2000 in order to go from maybe a 7.5 or 8 out of 10 (AP Crystal Ovals) to a 9 out of 10 (Valhalla).

Granted, in a true money-no-object type of system, the upgrade from 8 to 9 can be a significant one. But if you have the sort of "real life" budget that 99.9999% of us have, maybe you should consider putting that two thousand dollars (!) into software, or a meanimgful equipment upgrade.

AP is, in my view, one of the very best "budget" type cables (if you can accept "budget" to be the syub-$500 price point). I wouldn't sacrifice software or hardware just to improve upon the AP's with a slightly better cable.

Just my two cents.
For my new system I auditioned Nordost Valhalla and Analysis Plus Golden Ovals. I wasn't happy with either, the Valhalla were open and revealing but in my system a little edgy and harsh. The AP Golden Oval were smooth as silk but I felt I had a thin muffler wrapped around my speakers. I then auditioned the Argent Audio Pursang interconnects. For me they combined the best of the other two cables. Smooth, warm and very revealing. Best of all they cost much less, I believe they were $900 for 30 inches. Contact Ric at Argent and ask for an audition.
Good luck
I'm putting in my order, next week, (finally have the $$) for a pair of Harmonix Golden Performance ICs. Never heard them, but heard tons of second hand (amazing) experiences. Enough to order a pair. I know a fellow audiophool, with a pair golden-i trust- ears, who has heard them AB'd against the Valhallas and the Harmonix were preferred. That was enough for me. Never steered me wrong yet. I'm also purchasing, at the same time, their Studio Master Power cords. Have heard the same 'bout these babies, as well. A buddy of mine replaced all his Elrods with these. Again, enough for me. And enough from me. Just some FWIW.....;peace, warren
TheDautch, your analysis was 'right on' in my opinion...after trying the Valhalla now for a week, they do add a few 'points' over the Crystal Ovals. I'm happy with all my components, so I can only realize system improvements with interconnects now, and improvements are definitely coming at a greater expense and diminishing return for the money invested.

The Valhalla are great, but their cost is more than the improvement in sound justifies...however, there was that improvement and it was noticeable and hard to resist.
Maybe the Valhalla are really good,they must be, for
the price they are asking they should perform.AP I
tried the oval 8 not impress at all.Try the TGaudio
or the luminous audio cables, this two cable surprised
me how good they are.I wonder why they are not popular
here at Agon.
You know, these Valhalla must be settling in.

They have brought the music TO LIFE!

I am sorry, but the Valhalla is worth every penny! Totally in a different league.

Please see classifieds for my AP cables or email me if interested in buying.... 1m Crystal OVals RCA, and 1M CO's w/xlr's.

Still good, but not Valhalla. My credit card is melting down! Help ME!!!!
The 1.5m Crystal Ovals w RCA are still for sale on Audiogon. Make an offer if you are interested.
JBAtlanta, take it easy , as long as you are happy,
the credit card can be melted,I did not listen to
my system for two days,I wasnt happy at all,Enjoy
the hobby to refresh.Iam glad you like the Valhalla,
I want to have a taste of them someday.