I just replaced my cables,which retails in the thousands of dollars, no need to mention brands,I'am now using the silver oval interconnects and the oval nine speaker cable,talk about sonic improvment. LIKE to hear from folks who have tried analysis plus.
Still using Harmonic Tech. interconnects, but recently switched to A.P. Silver Oval speaker wires. The stuff is incredible. I am so pleased I actually wrote a review at 'audioreview'. VERY revealing yet VERY musical, which in my experience is a tough combo.
I'm bi-wiring with A+ Oval 9. Great stuff!
I replaced my nordust spm cables,I now use oval 9 speaker cable,also changed silver audio interconnects for silver ovals,best cable on the market.also had the hoses with the shoeboxes,DO yourself a favor and try analysis plus.
I just bi-wired my PSB Stratus Goldi's with A+ Oval 12's. Even though they haven't had much break-in time they already blow away my old Nordost Blue Heaven cables! Much smoother from bottom to top.
I have a set of silver oval speaker cables. I prefer the HT Pro 9 as well as audioquest clear to the silver oval. While the silver oval does some things incredibly well ie huge soundstage I feel that they are far to laid back reducing dynamics and rhythmic drive. The HT pro 9 is similar to the silver oval, but to me it is more nuetral and involving. The AQ clear is very diffrent yet overall preferable. Sounds like I'm the only one with negative comments on the AP cables, but I tried them for a extended period of time and that is what I heard.
I agree with Ejlif, but let me say up front A+ Silver Oval $499 for 8ft and Oval 9 $299 for 8ft are very good cables for the money. They are not world beaters that Clement Perry and friends in Stereo Times make them out to be though. They have beautiful liquid warm midrange, and outstanding soundstaging especially depth. Treble is slightly rolled off and not fully extended, although pleasing and nonfatiguing, it lacks sparkle. Bass extension is weakest link, has warm bass that definitely is not fully extended and this is what causes the preceived laid back and non-dynamic sound. I am using AudioQuest Argents for bi-amp setup, and prefer them overall to A+, but to be fair they cost twice as much and don't have the depth of soundstage A+ has. To sum up A+ cables are great for @$5,000 system and are probably close to the best at their price points. Ejlif is correct AQ clear is superior, but 4X time the price!
I have AudioTruth Dragon Plus speaker cable (got it used, of course), and in some ways the little cheap MIT Terminator 3 speaker cable is better (I have a Krell KAV-250a amp). Megasam, I am now officially discouraged about trying the Analysis Plus cables, so thanks very much for helping me save time!.........I'm about to audition Cardas Neutral Reference speaker cable, but don't expect to be blown away by it. It might be good though, I don't know. I wasn't blown away by their NR RCA interconnect. I would like to try their Golden Reference cables sometime...
Just to emphasize again my approval of Silver Ovals as great cables for the price, and if they had a more extended bass I would buy tommorrow, because they do many things right and have reference quality 3D soundstage ability. Carl IMO AQ Dragon is one hell of a dam good cable, no bass extension problem there, could never afford a new pair, used is the way to go. I never listened to MIT line of cables (I'm afraid of that black magic voodoo box on each cable) but are you saying you prefer MIT terminator 3 (at $180 per 8ft pair) over AQ Dragons? BTW does that powersnake sound better need the black mamba my friend