Analysis Plus Cables?

Anyone using these speaker cables? I'm interested in feedback on their braded silver wire.
Yes. They are one of audio's best buys for the money. Go to
I have a pair of Analysis-Plus Silver oval single speaker cable. I found it very good especially considering the price. It is very smooth, almost to smooth, it seems to work best on brighter sounding systems. It also throws a huge soundstage, this is the area where I thought it was the stongest. It is very manageable and easy to hook up as well, compared to some other cables I've tried. Overall for 500.00 I don't think you can do better although I haven't tried them all. Good Luck
go to they're having a special on them.
Tried to access and couldn't find the site.
Try Ask for Oliver. He provides excellent service.
I wired my entire system (Krell Amp, Pass Labs X-0, 2 sets of speakers: Dynaudio Confidence 3s & Sonus Faber Extremas) with DH Labs Q-10s & Air Matrix interconnects. They sound great. Would Analysis Plus sound better? I have no idea. I think the DH Labs are a little bit cheaper. Has anyone compared these two 'budget' cables?
In the past i have own,cables costing in the hundreds even thousand's of dollar's .some where better than other's and to my surprise at times the lesser costing cables outperform the very expensive ones.I finally tried the ANALYSIS PLUS cables,first their copper than the silver,i must say i'am done buying cable.the level of performance not to mention their excellent build quality puts them ahead of all the other mega bucks cable which most of the time leaves the buyers dissapointed .my friend the best way is to try them out in your own system.i think you'll be surprised.GOOD LUCK