Analysis Plus big silver speaker cable versus Stereovox

Analysis plus crystal oval versus stereovox

Has anyone heard these speaker cables in same system?

I am thinking of changing from au24 speaker cable and like the stereovox Top of line silver cables but analysis plus has silver too and way cheaper

My equipment is solid state with dartzeel amp
I meant how does the analysis plus big silver compare to the analysis plus crystal oval speaker cables.

I have heard the stereovox silver cables and they sounded good so am intrigued about cables with silver and the analysis plus are much cheaper than the stereovox.

I tested the Analysis plus and it was nice. I didn't buy them as the cable that stood out in my system was the Shunyata Andromeda. I don't know what your budget is but if the Andromeda's are in your budget, you owe it to yourself to try them. Shunyata is known for power cords but there i-conn's and speaker cables are every bit as good and a hidden gem in my opinion. The silver compared to the shunyata's were too dynamic, forward, and birght in my system. My system was ss cj amp and cj tube pre. I've since upgraded that system but the shunyata is here to stay.

What are your speakers minimonitors or fullrange floorstanders?

Depends how your system is voiced.

I've listened to both...I choose Big Silver because I needed more punch in the bottom end with the great mid and high for my two-way. When the recording has great bass it's an incredible sound coming from my two-ways. In addition, most of my music is fast and dynamic which is another reason why I choose the Big Silver.

I'm using tubes on my pre and power amps with stock power cords. Power cords will be replaced later this summer.

I am using large floor standing evolution acoustic mm2 speakers......

I am also considering harmonic technology magic tweeter and aural symphonic too....
for dartztel, i would consider the Purist Audio Design.

The sterevox & Analysis Plus and the Audience for that matter has very similar sound. I tried all of what you mentioned.

The PAD has a very different sound to Audience, Stereovox and AP. It is more quiet, bigger soundstage, warmer sound, clean & just big sounding. Its almost the opposite of the AU24s.
I am using the purist dominus interconnect between the preamp and amp. I cannot afford the higher end purist for the speaker cable though. I tried the purist acqueous anniversary speaker cables with the lamm 2.2 amp I used to own and did not like it.


One thing I respect about Analysis Plus is I spoke to the president via phone and email to answer my questions to get my system voiced correctly. Great customer service as well from the technicans.

I tried the AU24's and Sterovox and I would not say they were the same but more like neutral.

I will be auditioning the MMTwo's in couple of weeks. I'm looking for a smaller footprint in the MMMiniTwo with 11" woofer but same midrange and ribbon drivers as the MMTwo's.

For whatever the reason MMTwo's has been mention to me by several people as I plan for possible upgrade to larger speaker with larger custom listen room. I wanted to look at manufactuers that were not designing the same old MDF box cabinet with the off-the-shelf or modified drivers from ScanSpeak or Accuton. I want more innovation for the speaker design.
I think the mm2 is one of the best speakers in the world and is a relative bargain at its price.
I'm currently auditioning in my system the Stereovox Reference BAL-600 interconnect. I'm so impressed with this cable that I've decided to update all cables in my system to the Stereovox Reference series.

I've been listening to the BAL-600 for two days now and I've been trying to find a single flaw in the sound, anything that could stop me from getting them. Well, I just can't find any flaw in how this cable renders anything in the recording. The sound is absolutely impeccable. The highs have no grain at all. The mids are very neutral and there is lots of power, control and texture on the lower notes.

I'll post my impressions of the speaker cable in a couple of weeks.