Analysis Omega Ribbon Planars

I am considering an update of my current planar magnetic loudspeakers to the Analysis Omegas. There is not much mention in the forum of this product

I would be interested to hear members thoughts on this speaker.

I would be very interested to hear from any owners. Why did you buy this product? What did you upgrade from? What amplification and room size do you have etc.
I have the Analysis Epsilons and like them very much: Room Size: 20 by 14 feet with speakers along long wall, setup and components can be viewed by my moniker.
I also posted listening impressions in the Apogee Speakers group:

There are reviews of the Epsilon on 6 moons, and if you Google the Analysis Omega and Epsilon, a couple other reviews should come up.

for Wayne Donnelly's review.
i have heard the epsilons several times.

while i favor panels, the epsilons, to my ears seem to be deficient in bass response and are over priced.

i think you should listen to the magnepan 20.1 . the omegas cost considerably more.
I have posted that the Analysis speakers I heard ,were the best sounding speakers I have ever heard!Also the most satisfying bass I have heard!
If you're in the Seattle area give me a call. I have the Omega Refernce on demo.
Hi Mrtennis,
When I heard Wayne Donnelly's set-up, I thought it had ample base. To that end, Wayne said the Spectron amps made a great contribution. This isn't to suggest that you weren't correct in what you heard when you were listening.
hi phaelon:

i heard the speakers with two amps, including the spectron. my friend heard the epsilon and was also disappointed in the bass response. it doesn't seem to be an improvement over my magnepan 1.6 at over 8 times the price.
Mrtennis, I haven't heard the Magnepans. I'll try to make a point of it; they must be special.
Thanks to all for your replies. My short list will include the Maggie 20.1

My understanding is the Omega's better the Epsilon in bass.