Analysis Audio Speakers

I did not believe my eyes !!
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Yes, Apogee speakers reborn! Looks like someone bought the rights and have rebadged them.
I thought they looked identical, except for some of the finishes.
Big Q is *how they sound* to the original series.
Yea, that's the big Q, but according to their website the speakers are getting rave reviews although none have been formally published. Apogees will compete with the best sound offered today so I'm not worried about the sonics. But after over a decade, you'd think they would have improved on the the efficiency. 86 dB/watt, yikes! We all know the current requirements of these speakers. So your choice of amps are limited to say the least.
Dracule1, the low efficiency has been remedied by the arrival of Henry's H2O's.
Apogees were my first exposure to high end sound (back in 85)
Maybe the Analysis' are the ticket.
Despite the 86db (~89db spl) sensitivity, rumour has it that the Analysis are not a severe load, hovering around 6ohm.

The bigger Apogees used to be a much more severe load.
Is there a website for Analysis Audio? Thx.
Oxia, yes, Analysis Audio Loudspeakers U.S.A.
Ah, yes. Thanks Rx8man. I Googled what you gave me and found it:

I had originally tried searching for "Analysis" + "Audio" + "speakers" and came up with bupkis. Google can be a great tool, but it sucks when companies use such generic and common words in their name! ;)

They look fascinating (and beautiful). However, conspicuously missing is any mention of the nominal impedance or performance specifications. Apparently, 6moons has an upcoming review as well. I guess this is what's called "building anticipation".
They look slightly different from Apogees--the Apogees had one side of the big ribbon straight, the other more severely angled. These have a smooth angle on both sides.

Yes, I know, the real question is how they sound! I'd love to see the reviews get published....
I am so happy for both Analysis, and Henry Ho, the designer of the H2O. It
will be a great marriage. I'm planning to cross the continent for the Home
Entertainment Show in New York for the occasion. I am guessing their room
may be a candidate for "Best of Show."
Muralman1, I have followed your threads closely, and concur about Apogees and the H2O's.
I know the Apogee sound and can only imagine how excellent they would sound with cool running H2O's.
I'd like to take a trip to Virginia to hear Henry's setup.
I thought that Apogee went down the tubes because of infringement on Magneplanar patents. What is the story here?
Eldartford, I think Apogees demise had more to do with loss of entrepreneurial interest. I believe the Analysis speakers are built differently than the Apogee. If they can make a legal go, that would be of great service to us dipole lovers. The Maggy, and the Apogee are very different in type, and in sound.
Rx8man, Henry would be more than pleased to have company. That goes for all in the Eastern States. Henry lives in Virginia.
Thanks for steppin in Muralman1.
I'm not too far being in Ohio.
I'll make the trip happen before the snow flies, or wait for early Spring, but I WILL GO.
Muralman1...Can you give a brief description of how the Apogee was different from Maggies. I always thought that they were much the same, in construction if not in price.
The trapezoidal arrangement of the horizontal ribbons of the Apogee is different. Apogee pioneered the full range ribbon array. This took dipole evolution to new heights. My Scintillas do a reasonably straight frequency line through and below 20 Hz.

The Apogee mid and tweeter ribbon design differed, depending on model. The Apogee looks a lot more like an Analysis than a Maggy. I have heard the Analysis speakers employ a new ribbon suspension device. I am curious how they sound.
OK, time to revive this thread...

Anybody out there taken the plunge & bought a pair of these yet? Surley SOMEBODY got a nice Christmas Bonus they needed to blow before '05?
Thanks Denf, I'd be interested to hear a report or two !!
Same here.....!
Stereo Times founder, Clement Perry, listened to the Analysis Omega powered by the H2O Signatures, and was very excited, according to a witness, and a friend of mine he called, along with a lot of others - from the listening room.

Anybody going to the New York HE Show?
I will be going to Greece to hear these speakers(analysisaudio).I hope they are as good if not better thanj Apogees

S divaris
I posted some impressions at:

Jeff at Audible Arts in San Jose also hooked up a pair of ASL Explorer 805's and was very impressed with the sound of these SET amps with the Omegas.