Analysis Audio at High End Show

Did anyone spend much time at the Analysis room? Do they resemble Apogees in sound and presentation? As one who still mourns the passing of Apogee....I have patiently awaited someone to pick up the Apogee torch. Is this the company?
I didn't spend much time there simply because I called them approx 2 weeks ago asking for pricing. The pricing I received at that time I thought was high. To my amazement, the pricing at the HE show was even higher, on average $3K per pair!
The prices seemed high to me too. But I listened anyway. I can't compare them to Apogees, since I have never heard Apogees, but I really liked what I heard. There was a sweetness to the sound, but it was also very transparent and of the top 3 or 4 sounds at the show IMO. Sweet spot was small. They may have sounded a bit better on smaller recordings (chamber, small vocal ensemble) than bigger (orchestral) but I would need more listening to confirm this.

I really wasn't in a spot to be able to accurately judge the quality of the sound but from where I was sitting, they didn't strike as very dynamic -- and I generally like planars and ESLs.
Analysis Audio speakers are manufactured in Greece and being imported in the USA .That would explain the prices I think.Visit am not connected with the company in any way other than I am Greek myself.
Apparently 6moons (or was it positive-feedback?) was to feature a review this month.
I had listened to one Analysis model and compared with a pair of Apogee Duettas. It was big -- but still smaller than the Apogees.
They were both in the same large room (at either end, on the short wall) with the upstream equip in the middle of the room. Long spkr cables, as you can imagine.

To make a long story short, the Analysis fared better with complex orchestral passages than the Duettas. Whether this was the effect of the spkrs, the amps, I don't know (we were using a Krell 300 that's hardly a weak machine!). Allegedly, they are much easier to drive than the Apogees. They're also a contemporary product as opposed to the Apogees...

BTW, as Yioryos notes, transportation cost must be high and a good chunk of the asking price probably goes to USPS or whoever is the forwarder...:(

Was wondering if you remember which Duetta model...there were three. Just trying to form a frame of reference in my mind...I can go to the Analysis site and find the somewhat smaller Analysis speakers if you can't recall that model.

I heard them, and I currently own a pair of Duettas that were upgraded to signature spec. Although the Analysis Audios do have the high end that ribbons are noted for, the midrange was a bit reticent, and the overall presentation was not up to the level of the Apogees.
Of course, the room could have played a major role in what I heard, but I have also heard Apogees in similar settings, and was far more impressed. There is an 'evenness' and liquidity to the sound of the Apogees that has not yet been duplicated successfully.

However, the high cost notwithstanding, I applaud any company for trying to bring back such a noteworthy speaker line, regardless of the name or country of origin.
And yes Dave, there were at least three models (Duettas, IIs, and Signatures, although I've heard of a Signature II, that I've never verified).
"Early" Duetta IIs, no tweaks, owner claimed they were in excellent working condition -- they certainly looked beautiful! Cheers
1musiclover, "I really wasn't in a spot to be able to accurately judge the quality of the sound".

Hmm, I think you said it.
I used to own the Apogees and had a hell of a time setting them up correctly. One of the most important aspect of setting up Apogees were getting the right amplification and if possible biamping them. Once set up correctly, there was on couple of other speakers that could rival them. Unfortunately, I found the Analysis room sound to be lifeless just like Apogees with not enough power. The sound was clean but it just didn't open up. I'm sure the Analysis speakers are capable of much more just like the Apogees. From what I hear, they are suppose to be easier to drive than the Apogees. I'm glad somebody took over where Apogee left off. Good luck to this company. If only they could keep the price reasonable.