Analogy Records

Hello everyone,
my name is Chiara and I work for Analogy Records, an Italian audiophile Reel to Reel Record Label.

We produce Original Master Tapes using our own recording studio, where the best gear and equipment is available.

I'm glad to be here and I'll do my best to contribute.
Also, if you have any questions about our activities and products, I'm happy to hear them.
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For some more info on Analogy's so called "Original Master Tapes":

Make sure to read all the comments that follow the article.
Wow, mofi, that made my head hurt. I must have got hit with a stray grenade. Examples of all the worst of the human condition that the internet seems to magnify sometimes. But thank you for sharing; it's better that we see all sides of these messes. Cheers,

Spence...sorry, yeah it's kinda long and involved, but indeed gives the pros and cons on this topic.
Hey lemme know when yo gonna have a $5 sale and free shipping.

A lot of haters making comments on their website. From my knowledge of working in the audio biz, mixing down from the original multi-track to a 1/4" half track tape results in a master.
  So they are selling masters, but what is not mentioned is that the original multi-track is digital and is most likely coming from a DAW and not tape. IOW, they are mixing down a digital file. Vigo finally does mention this in the comments section.

  So, I'm sure the master you buy is very high SQ, but their sales pitch is misleading if you are expecting the sonics of an analogue reel to reel recording. Whereas, The Tape Project sells a copy (a dupe or dub), transferred from their 1" master tape. Their recordings are entirely analogue and will have that distinctive reel to reel sonic signature.